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Resume Scoring

Resume Scoring enables a recruiter to identify relevance of a candidate CV to the role applied for.

WorkMap Assessment

WorkMap evaluates candidates' aptitude and skillset towards a certain job according to its function.

Video Interview

Analyse candidate responses, evaluate core competencies before you shortlist and schedule face-to-face interviews.

About Interviewer.AI

Interviewer.AI is amongst the first to use human psychological research, computer vision, voice analytics, and natural language processing to automatically assess and shortlist candidates with the help of AI-driven technology.

Interviewer.AI is an audiovisual assessment platform. We help companies use scientifically-proven, structured interview techniques to shortlist candidates for interviews. As your 24×7 recruitment assistant, it conducts pre-screen video interview with every single candidate that applies to your company, provides exceptional candidate experience, including constructive feedback to each, and shortlists the best fit for the role for you to interview over a zoom call.

Launched on November, 7th of 2018, Interviewer.AI helps companies to reimagine every stage of the talent acquisition process – from Screening, to Interviewing and Shortlisting candidates – digitally and at scale.

We are funded by SGInnovate (Singapore Government’s arm to invest in deep tech companies), and Entrepreneur First (backed by Reid Hoffman, founder of LinkedIn), amongst others.


Structured interview questionnaire

Choose from a list of structured interview questions to ask your candidates. Structured interview questions are great predictors of future job performance.

Prescreen interview for every candidates

Interview everyone and do not miss out on anyone. Stop screening resumes manually, receive interview responses from everyone at ease.

View more than just a resume

Resumes are old, boring and are time-consuming. View more than just words, view emotions and personality before you meet in-person.

Shortlist & schedule interviews with ease

Shortlisting candidates is time consuming and scheduling interviews is a tedious task. We make it easy with a few simple clicks on our platform.

In-depth Hiring Insights

Get in-depth hiring insights on your candidate pool for more informed decision-making when you hire with our platform.

Digital Profile more than just a resume

We are all about recruiting Digital DNA. We provide digital profiles of all applicants for you to make your hiring decisions more efficiently.

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Why Choose Us?

Interviewer.AI is an audiovisual assessment platform. We help companies use scientifically-proven, structured interview techniques to shortlist candidates for interviews. 

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Interview coaching reinvented for modern-day interview preparation Interviewer is an AI-powered interview coaching software that will help you provide quality interview coaching consistently to 100s of students with varied career interests.


Interviewer is an AI-powered interview coach that will help you land a better job faster. Top companies increasingly use video interviews to assess candidates applying for a job. Use Interviewer to practice your interviewing skills, get actionable feedback and land a better job faster.

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What Our Customers Say

frequently asked questions

Startup Plan is designed for a small company with no Human Resources function, where typically the hiring manager has to undertake all recruitment responsibilities whereas a Growth plan is for a company with a small HR team looking to fill for numerous roles within a company.

Simply create a new job on Interviewer.AI, generate a structured questionnaire for key skills you are looking for in candidates such as growth mindset, adaptability, time management. Copy the shareable link for the job and share it as a LinkedIn status update. You can also embed the Interviewer.AI job link to the ‘apply now’ button to the Job Description on your company career page.

Interviewer.AI acts as a hiring assistant by helping you shortlist top quality candidates from 100s of applicants. No more sifting through resumes or countless traditional interviews before you meet your desired hire.
Simply create a job and Interviewer.AI will do the following:

  1. Collect all applicants on a single dashboard. Prescreen candidates using a short structured video interview for skills such as teamwork, problem solving, creative thinking, etc. without the need for the human interviewer to be present.
  2. It then sorts candidates for key soft skills required for the job. E.g. communication skills, sociability, positive energy along with a detailed AI score for each candidate for the said soft skills.
  3. Now you can easily shortlist 3-5 candidates, share within your team to decide which candidates you invite for a face-to-face interview.

Yes you will receive an invoice for your records. We do not charge your credit card for the first 14 days to give users time to conduct trial runs using our product. After the two weeks are over, the pricing plan you chose initially will kick in.

Interviewer.AI assesses candidates for soft skills such as communication skills, friendliness, and energy levels which are ideal for customer-facing roles. But these are also key skills to thrive in any working environment, so you can choose to interview candidates for all roles.

While both platforms have video assessment platforms, Interviewer.AI takes an extra step by using additional features such as voice analytics 🗣 as a way of assessing candidate’s energy levels, and uses computer vision to assess positive emotions.

Not necessarily. We try to save as much time as possible for all our users! ⏰ Interviewer.AI recommends scientifically-proven structured interview techniques as a predictor of future job performance💡.

We have created templates for different roles but you are free to create your own interview under ‘new custom job’. You can create your own and adjust the time limit for each question.

We recommend an interview should be 2-3 minutes long. But there is actually no time limit. You are free to create an interview with as many questions as possible. You also have the freedom to adjust ‘response time’ for each question as much or less as you’d like!

Simply sign up, create an interview, copy the ‘shareable interview link’ and add it to the ‘apply now’ button of your job description page. View Demo
Simply fill out the one-time sign up form (tip: you’ll need the company logo☝) and you are ready to start creating interviews! From here, you can make custom interviews or use the templates that we have available.
Once you have logged in, you are brought to the dashboard, where you can select your plan and start creating interviews with ready-made templates or questions of your own. Click on this demo for more information 👀. View Demo.📹

Yes they can. After you create an interview, you get access to a shareable link which you can send out to your applicants in one sitting.

After Interviewer.AI has analysed video interviews, companies can choose to email shortlisted candidates to invite them for an interview. They also have a choice to send rejection emails once they have completed the process.

Depending on the number of video interviews being assessed, Interviewer.AI will take about 15-30 minutes to complete the assessment and reflect the results on the dashboard.

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How to Find High Caliber Sales People

The success of your business depends on great sales reps with solid sales skills. But top performers won’t just show up at the front door of your business. You have to know how to find them.